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The Search Is On
David Poindexter / Saturday, July 26, 2014 / Categories: Music

The Search Is On

Quest for the Re-establishment of My Recording Studio

In 2006, my "world" came to somewhat of a crashing halt you could say.  Due to many factors, my family and I had to make some serious sacrifices for the sake of survival.  One of those sacrifices was the shutting down of something very near and dear to me - my recording studio.  Our basement at the time was a fully decked out professional recording studio.  Many up and coming, as well as some well known, artists had recorded there and I had the privilege of producing some really incredible music.  The recording studio also served as an incubator of sorts for aspiring songwriters.

Well now it is eight years later and much has changed, but that same passion is once again rekindled and I am excited to say my sights are set on rebuilding the recording studio.  I have been house hunting for several months now.  It is a challenge to find a house suitable for building a recording studio.  I am looking for just the right space to do things right.  Ideally a basement with exterior access and a "studio like" living area for overnight artist accommodations would be great.  I came close on three different houses now and even had two under contract, but something always came up during inspections that ended up being a deal-breaker!  It is discouraging to put so much time and effort into a search and have things fall through, but I am determined.  This studio will be rebuilt!  ;-)

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